Len Roberts



Tilting Pagodas

Centripetal/Centrifugal Force

Jerome’s Lion

Land O’Lakes

Like the Weeds and Flowers


Saturday Night Fights

Lighting the Candles

Road Rage


My Father, Tu Fu, and the Nine Storks

Persistent Cricket

Well, Mom,

Walnuts, October, Wassergass

Nights, lately, I’ve been going to

Antique Store, Pécs, Hungary

Near the Paulite Church, Pécs, Hungary


Translations from the Hungarian:

Where Are My Betters Who Fell Behind?

Everything I Had

The Man Leaves His House

I Was Watching the Bushes

I Will Bear Your Slow Purification

The Memory of an Era

Late Winter Morning

You’d Be a Bad Resident of Heaven

Hide the Miracle

Winter Night

A Hoarfrost Wreath on the Grave

A Friend’s Pleading Words to Another

Because There Was a Time

Day by Day

Woods in October