After a long and fruitful life as a print magazine, the Artful Dodge will reboot in Fall 2021 as The Dodge, an online journal of ecofiction, translation, and writing about animals. Read our vision statement here. We can’t wait to work with you on this new venture! Our final print issue will appear in Fall 2021 under Daniel Bourne’s editorship–watch this space, and our new website, for more news.

Our new website will soon be live at http://www.thedodgemag.com.


Please read our June 2020 Artful Dodge Update and BLM Support Statement here.


WELCOME to Artful Dodge, an Ohio-based literary magazine that publishes work with a strong sense of place and cultural landscape. Besides new American fiction, poetry, and narrative essay, we’re also interested in contemporary literature in translation — from all over the globe. Our magazine is available through independent and chain bookstores nationwide, and directly through us.

We have transitioned to online submissions! Artful Dodge’s reading period is closed as we reboot the magazine, but you can read our past submission guidelines here: Writer’s Guidelines.


Other News and Updates:


Also available from our founding editor, Daniel Bourne: On the Crossroads of Asia and Europe, a collection of poetry and satirical prose of Polish writer Tomasz Jastrun, winner of the 1983 “S Prize” from Underground Solidarity for his poetry during Poland’s martial law period in the early 1980s.

Some praise for On the Crossroads of Asia and Europe:

“A friend and fellow writer, speaking in reference to contemporary poetry, remarked to me not long ago that the true poets are not those in search of something to write about, but those whose subjects have discovered them. I find this confirmed in reading the poems of Tomasz Jastrun.”  – John Haines

“Here at last we have a generous selection of Tomasz Jastrun’s poems and prose chronicling the disintegration of Poland, and celebrating the unlikely survival of the human spirit. We have Daniel Bourne to thank for guiding these poems into English.” – John Witte, Editor, Northwest Review

“Deep gratitude to Daniel Bourne and Salmon Run Press for making available in English the profoundly moving voice of Polish writer, Tomasz Jastrun. This is crucial, empowering work.” – Naomi Shihab Nye

For excerpts from On the Crossroads of Asia and Europe, click here.