Past Selections

Artful Dodge 52/53

Nobody’s City – Jeff Gundy


Artful Dodge 50/51

An Interview with Rita Dove


Artful Dodge 48/49

Translating Flowers That Don’t Have Names – Jeanne Larson


Artful Dodge 46/47

Poems from Paintings: A Collaboration – Tess Gallagher and Josie Gray

Milaya – Kara Mason

Artful Dodge 44/45

Calling the Snakes – Nin Andrews

Letter to my sister – Philip Metres

The Village Vampire – Eva Marie Ginsburg

The Decoy – Daniel Tobin


Artful Dodge 42/43

Unfolding – Jim Daniels

You Know What They Say About Pears – Robert Miltner

Deadly Nightshade – Lynne Sharon Schwartz

At the Department of Motor Vehicles – Thom Ward


Artful Dodge 40/41

The Divisibility of Smells – Rosa Alice Branco

Naming It – Margaret Gibson

Six Selections from The Courtship Stories: Tales from the West of Ireland – Josie                     Gray & Tess Gallagher

Not the Apocrypha – Joanne Lehman


Artful Dodge 38/39

Artwork – T. Evan Schaeffer


Artful Dodge 36/37

The Student in Love – Manjushree Thapa

The Workbench of Lost Metaphors – Douglas Blazek

In the Desert – Bob Heman

Exquisite Sonnets: Gulliver’s Travels – Denise Duhamel and Maureen Seaton


Artful Dodge 34/35

This is So – Jan Frazier

Around the Corral – Gary Gildner

World Series – Eileen Hennessy

An Epic – John Kooistra

Artful Dodge 32/33

Sin – Mary M. Brown

Lemons – Jeff Gundy

After a Photograph by Roy de Carava – Mark Sullivan


Artful Dodge 30/31

Archaeology – Mary Tartir

Black Dress – Julia Kasdorf

Letter from New York – John McCrory

Artful Dodge 28/29

Locusts – Sarah Nawrocki


Artful Dodge 20/21

Parasites & Baptism of Solitude – Kathleen Lee