Back Issues

Issue 52/53 (2019)

Poets as Translators: Jay Hopler translates Georg Trakl’s poems from the German, reforming them as prose poems.

More in Translation: Alexis Levitin’s translations from the Portugese of Rosa Alice Branco and Salgado Maranhão; Len Krisak’s translation from the Latin of Catullus’ “Carmina, 8”

Interviews: Tricky Territory: A Conversation With Brian Turner; The Trunk of the Conifer, and the Branch Is the Line: A Conversation With Sharon Olds

Graphica: Stephen Tomasko’s collection of county fair                                                                   photographs, “First Place, and Our Congratulations”

Jeff Gundy, John Kooistra, Lavonne J. Adams


Issue 50/51 (2012)

Poets as Translators: Derek Mong’s Songs of Sickness: adaptations from the 17th Century Latin of Jesuit Priests

More in Translation: Alexis Levitin’s translations from the Portuguese of Rosa Alice Branco

Interview: Changing the Whole Neighborhood: An Interview with Rita Dove

Graphica: Jody Servon’s Items Matching: A foray into eBay’s art culture


Issue 48/49 (2012)

Poets as Translators: Alex Lemon and Wang Ping’s Translations of Rural Chinese Poet Yang Jian

More in Translation: Two Poems by Krzysztof Kuczkowski, translated by Daniel Bourne; Translating Flowers That Don’t Have Names: The Poems of Lady Pistilstamens in Tenth-Century China, translated by Jeanne Larson, and more

Interview: An Interview with Terry Tempest Williams

Graphica: Kathy Aoki’s The Battle of Kawaii and The                                                                     Construction of Modern Girlhood

Eric Anderson, Joshua Bechman, Philip Brady, Gerald                                                                   Chapple, Roger Craik, Amanda Day, and more


Issue 46/47 (2012)

Poets as Translators: Carolyne Wright’s Translations of Bengali Women Poets

More in Translation: Halyna Petrosanyak (Ukrainian), Amelia Rosselli (Italian), Floarea Tutianu (Romanian), and more

AWP Intro Journal Awards: “Homeostasis” by Suzanne Rivecca, and “Milaya” by Kara Mason

Graphica: Poems by Tess Gallagher from Paintings by Josie Gray

Mark Axelrod, Jeff Gundy, Leonard Kress, David Wright


 Issue 44/45 (2004)

Poets as Translators: Steven Reese’s Translations of Spanish Poet Roberto Manzano

More in Translation: Venus Khoury-Ghata trans. by Marilyn HackerYi Yong-ju trans. by Don Mee ChoiMaria Rosa Lojo trans. by Brett Alan Sanders, Takamura Kotaro trans. by John Peters

Graphica: Charles Wesley; Collaborations between Poets and Painters: Maj Ragain and Jessica Damen, Dan Masterson and Mel Berstine

Nin Andrews, Diane Thiel, H.L. Hix, Poets New to Artful Dodge: A Special Section Edited by Carolyne Wright;                                                                     and others.


Issue 42/43 (2003)

Poets as Translators: Stephen Haven’s Translations of Chinese Poet Mang Ke

Interviews: George BruceRobert Mooney & Christine Lincoln

Graphica: Yuji Hiratsuka

Roy Bentley, Bruce Bond, Chad Davidson, Jim Daniels, H.L. Hix, John Kinsella, Jay Meek, William Pitt Root, Diane Seuss, Dan Chaon, Ginnie MacKenzie, Robert Mooney, Maj Ragain, Lynne Sharon Schwartz



Issue 40/41

Poets as Translators: Nin Andrews and Steven Reese, Translations of Henri Michaux

Interview: William Heyen

Graphica: Marina Mangubi

Thomas Bailey, Joan Connor, Denise Duhamel, Josie Gray and Tess Gallagher, Margaret Gibson, Karen Sandstrom, William Pitt Root, Virgil Suarez, Pamela Ushuk



Issue 38/39

Poets as Translators: Liliana Ursu trans. Liliana Ursu with Adam J. Sorkin & Tess Gallagher, Sándor Csoóri trans. by Len Roberts

Interview: Tess Gallagher

Graphica: Luis Fernando Arango and Kathryn Arango

Edward Bartok-Baratta, Terry Blackhawk, Alice Cone, Alan DeNiro, Gu Cheng, Elton Glaser, Leonard Kress, Robert Mooney, Maj Ragain, T. Evan Schaeffer, Virgil Suarez


Issue 36/37

Poets as Translators/Poets as Expatriates: Nicholas Kolumban’s “The Native Tourist,” Georgia Scott’s “The Place Where You Live”

Interviews: Joyce Johnson and Hettie Jones on Women of the Beat Generation

Graphica: M. Laine Wyatt

Denise Duhamel and Maureen Seaton, Gary Gildner, Colin Hamilton


Issue 34/35 (1999)

Poets as Translators: Orlando Richardo Menes and his translations of Jewish Cuban poet Jose Kozer

Interview: Jim Daniels

Graphica: Martina Lopez and Philip Kobylarz

Denise Duhamel, Gary Gildner, Jeff Gundy, James Haug, Irene McKinney, Maj Regain, William Trowbridge



Issue 32/33 (1998)

Poets as Translators: Pablo Medina and Philip Kobylarz

Interview: Gregory Orr

Graphica: Mark Melnick and Rich Kapenas

Roy Bentley, Jeff Gundy, Julia Kasdorf, Walt McDonald, Leslie Pietrzyk, Vivian Shipley, Baron Wormser



Issue 30/31 (1996)

Poets as Translators: John E. Smelcer; recent Czech and Polish Fiction: Lenka Prochazkova’s “The Woman Who Was Hungry” and excerpts from Stanislaw Eden-Tempski’s novel The Orchid Hunter

Interview: Michael Dorris

Graphica: Douglas Lucak

Jim Daniels, Jeff Gundy, Julia Kasdorf, Walter McDonald, Terese Svoboda

                                                        Out of print. Facsimiles available upon request.


Issue 28/29 (1995)

Poets as Translators: Khaled Mattawa and Leonard Kress

Graphica: Mania Dajnak, Kathryn Arango and Luis Arango

Roy Bentley, Denish Duhamel, John R. Hart, Roger Mitchell, Linda Nemec, Yannis Ritsos, Tim Seibles, Robert VanderMolen, Ronald Wallace



Issue 26/27 (1994)

Poets as Translators: Laima Sruoginis and Nicholas Kolumban

Interview: Vaclav Havel

Questioning the Photograph: Shelley T. Fuller, Jane Alden Stevens, and Carrie Lyn Peterson

The Further Adventures of Tom, Huck, and Jim: story and linocuts by Greg Boyd

Roy Bentley, William Virgil Davis, Denise Duhamel, Julia                                                             Kasdorf, Terry Kirts, David Surface


Issue 24/25 (1993)

Poets as Translators: Jorge Luis Borges by Robert Mezey and Dick BarnesLinda Nemec Foster and Rina Ferrarelli

Interview: Charles Simic

Aliki Barnstone, Willis Barnstone, Denise Duhamel, Joe Napora, Naomi Shihab Nye, Ruth L. Schwartz, Ronald Wallace

Out of print. Facsimiles are available upon request.



Issue 22/23

Poets as Translators: Jorge Luis Borges by Robert Mezey and Dick BarnesJim Barnes and Ginny MacKenzie

Interview: Tim O’Brien

Graphica: Masumi Hayashi and Jim Stone

Jeffy Gundy, Lola Haskins, Walter McDonald, David Ray, Ronald Wallace




Issue 20/21 (1991)

Poets as Translators: Mary Crow and Karen Kovacik

Interview: William Least Heat-Moon

Graphica: Bibi Stromberg

Jim Daniels, Zbigniew Herbert, David Ignatow, Katharyn Howd Machan, Barry Spacks, Alberta Turner

Out of print. Facsimiles are available upon request.


Issue 18/19 (1990)

Poets as Translators: William StaffordLen RobertsPablo MedinaNicholas KolumbanStuart Friebert

Interviews: Cynthia Macdonald and William Stafford

Graphica: Wojciech Kolyszko

Katharyn Machan Aal, Roy Bentley, Frank M. Chipasula, Sesshu Foster, Fleda Brown Jackson, Walter McDonald, Jack Ridl, Thaddeus Rutkowski, Peter Wild



Issue 16/17 (1989)

Kath Kowalski: Notes from a Photo-Poet

Interview: Lee Smith

Peter Korniss, The Guest Worker: A Picture Story

Anjana Appachana, Lee Harlin Bahan, Roy Bentley, Stuart Dybek, Jeff Gundy, Edward Kleinschmidt, Nicholas Kolumban, Leonard Kress, Miriam Sagan, Eric Trethewey

Out of print. Facsimiles are available upon request.


Issue 14/15 (1988)

Interviews: Stuart Dybek and Edward Hirsch

Ivan Arguelles, Elizabeth Bartlett, David Castleman, Stuart Friebert, Diane Glancy, Jeff Gundy, Walter McDonald, Steven Nesheim





Issue 12/13 (1985)

Interviews: Czeslaw MiloszStanislaw BaranczakOmar Pound

Graphica: Marvin L. Hill

On the Crossroads of Asia and Europe: Literature from the Middle East and the Polish Underground; New American Poetry & Fiction



Volume 3 No. 3 (Fall 1982)

Interview: W.S. Merwin 

Skip Berry, Daniel Bourne, Gary Fincke, Steven Gizitsky, Karla Hammond, Kate Harper, Gayle Elen Harvey, Jane Hilberry, Marvin L. Hill, Robert Lanzit, Bob Libertelli, Stephen Mead, Jana Pyle, Keith Ratzlaff, Hillel Schwartz, Barbara Shoup, George R. Smyth, Marina Tsvetaeva, Michael Wilkerson, Paula Worley



Vol. 3 No. 2 (Spring 1982)

James Bertolino, Don Boes, Jim Brock, William S. Burroughs, Mike Cagle, Melissa Clark, Eva Enderlein, Gary Fincke, Tyler Fleeson, John Giorno, Jerzy Harasymowicz, David Moser, Joe Napora, Tim O’Meara Jurek Polanski, Charles Silver, Emile Snyder, Göran Tunström, Lillian Vallee, Alexander Wat, AJ Wright





Vol. 3 No. 1 (October 1981)

Interview: William Matthews

Alexander Wat: Lucifer Unemployed (Chapters 6-11)

Graphica: Mary Wissel

Willis Barnstone, Mike Cagle, Stephen H. Cape Anna Frajlich, Margaret Honton, Chris Kearns, Ruth Moon Kempher, Ethel M. Kersey, Ken Poyner, Tom Whalen



Vol. 2 No.4 (April 1981)

Interview: James Laughlin

Poetry: Jerome Rothenberg

Voices of Poland: Edward Dusza, Anna Frajlich-Zajac, Konstanty Ildefons Galczynski, Tymoteusz Karpowicz, Danuta Kostewicz, Jurek Polanski, Stanislaw Srokowski, Rafal Wojaczek



Vol. 2 No. 3 (January 1981)

Polish Radio Play: Dziadek (The Grandfather) by Stanislaw Srokowski

Robert B. Bowie, Mike Cagle, Frank Cioffi, Ellen Corn, Louie Crew, Gary Fincke, Terrell Fugate, Danuta Kostewicz, Larry Judge, Bradley Le Boeuf, Edward C. Lynskey, Paul M. Moffet, David Moser, Charles Silver, Douglas Taylor




Vol. 2 No. 2 (September 1980)

Interview: Jorge Luis Borges

Jared Carter, Duane Davis, David Edgerton, Ruthann Godollei, Larry Judge, Doug LeMaster, Louis McKee, Judith McPheron, Mordecai Marcus, Lynne Masover, Roger Mitchell, Allan Morris, David Mutschlecner, Joan Rohr Myers, Major Ragain, Laurel Speer, Steven C. Ward, Christine Zawadiwsky, Lisa Ann Zinkan



Vol. 2 No. 1 (March 1980)

Interview: Nathalie Sarraute

Forged Letter: Fyodor Dostoevsky

Mary Ann Cain, Matt Dennison, Joey Frommer, Brian Garvey, Jeff Gundy, Richard Grayson, George Kalamaras, Jennifer Martin, Larry Nielson, Christine Pocock, William Renschler, Bob Rhode, J.V. Ricapito, Levi Thomas



Vol. 1 No. 4 (September 1979)

Stephen Cape, Jose S. Delgado, Mary Jane Gormley, Ledger Heavilon, Larry Judge, Peter Leach, Dong Lee, Doug LeMaster, Catrina McCliment, Antonia Matthew, Ellen Mizell, David Mutschlecner, Louis Perraud, Roger Pfingston


Vol. 1 No. 3

Caracalla and the Downfall of Rome

Fiction: Jean Miller, Eric Owens, Peter Tocco

Poetry: Jon Brooks, Matt Dennison, Kate Kean, Chris Kearns, Dong Lee, Jon E. McPhee, Brian Paulson, Kenneth Payton, Paul Jay Smedberg, Kathy Stogsdill, Peter Tocco, William Michael Upton, Thomas Webb




Vol. 1 No. 2 (June 1979)

Interview: Gwendolyn Brooks

Forged Letter: Vissarion Belinskiy

Trey Arnold, Cob Bates, Matt Dennison, M. Iki, Kate Kean, Lee Kellems, Dong Lee, Brian Paulson, Kenneth Payton, J.V. Ricapito, Paul Jay Smedberg, Peter Tocco, Tom Wilheim




Vol. 1 No. 1 (January 1979)

Forged Letter: Charles Dickens

Rob Bates, Gene Carr, Matt Denison, Dina Elenbogen, Mark Fish, Chris Kearns, Eric Owens, Kenneth Payton